Around Alston:

Epiacum Heritage

An inspiring Roman fort and historic landscape, sensitively farmed for thousands of years

High Force

The most spectacular waterfalls in England

Kielder Forest

Kielder Water & Forest Park brings you nature on a grander scale.

Killhope Mine

Killhope is a multi-award winning 19th century mining museum in the centre of the North Pennines.

Ashgill Force

A pretty waterfall in the woods 

Alston Moor Golf Course

The highest golf course in England at 1476 feet above sea level 

Carlisle Castle

Standing proud in the city it has dominated for nine centuries, Carlisle Castle remained a working fortress until well within living memory. 

Hadrians Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is a spectacular World Heritage Site, marching 73 miles from sea to sea across some of the wildest and most dramatic countryside in England.

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